Career Development Center presentation–Notes

Where do I go to learn about grad school? Is there anywhere that will help me get a job? Is there a center that will help me write my resume? I want to study abroad. Where should I go to learn more? The answer to all these questions is the Career Center in Pratt Hall at IUP. Friday, April 15, 2011, Dr. Powers English 122 class was presented with material pertaining to the Career Center and what they do on a daily basis for the students of IUP.

The Career Center is not only helpful to obtain information about grad school, future jobs, resume writing, and studying abroad. The center will also help students develop their interview skills and help them find a job on campus.

One that was focused upon was finding a job after graduation. Many websites are provided on the Career Center website that assists students in finding a job. The students were told that SIC codes (standard industry classification) codes are important to have. SIC codes are codes for different professions. For example, if a person is looking for publication jobs, they would use a SIC code to look for other publication job opportunities. This code will bring the searcher to a ton of publishing companies searching for applicants.

This information particularly caught my attention. I realized how many opportunities there are for an English major. When I decided to enter college and declare my major as English, I figured there was a difficult search for a job in my future if I didn’t teach. Because of this presentation, I have changed my mind from teaching to what I have always dreamed of—writing and publishing. The SIC code and website databases brought my mind to changing major focus because I realized there are more opportunities than teaching in the English profession.

Information the Career Center provides serves as a savior and handy tool for students at IUP. The center provides information and services (mock interviews) that are handy for all students. Without the Career Center, students would have a much harder time obtaining the information they are searching for. I am glad we had this presentation because I would have never known where to obtain the information it provides otherwise.

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